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V.V. Creation

Pattern “Women cannot be limited to the confines of a household. We can pursue any dream we have with the help of supporters like Kinara Capital"

With Kinara’s support, Shyamala was able to expand her business and start two new clothing brands, after starting off as a helper in a garment factory.

Shyamala had worked as a helper in a garment factory for a few years, but she always had much bigger aspirations. She dreamt about starting her own business in clothing manufacturing, and was able to convert it into a reality when she started her small garment company. The business needed to grow, but Shyamala couldn’t find the capital to make the jump. No lender would support her.

Shyamala reached out to Kinara for her business loan needs, and became one of our HerVikas loan recipients. With the loan amount, she expanded her business and started two new clothing brands, making her business bigger and better than ever. She shared, “It’s not easy to become a business owner. It gives me a lot of joy to say that I’ve reached this milestone thanks to Kinara. Now I can proudly say that I’m a HerVikas business owner.”

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