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GainUp Designs

Pattern “Nobody was interested in giving us a loan in the early stages of the business except for Kinara. With the loan, we bought an imported machine, which helped us get new buyers and exporters and establish ourselves in our field.”

With two loans from Kinara, Vaishnavi and Karthik Babu scaled up their textile business from having 1 machine and 3 workers, to having 5 machines and employing 45.

When traditional lenders turn you away, it’s hard to believe that an NBFC can come to your rescue. Vaishnavi and Karthik Babu, who run Gain Up Designs, a textile manufacturing company, were skeptical when a friend suggested approaching Kinara for a loan. By their own admission, they had little idea about factors like credit score, so it was hard to believe that they would get a loan.

They decided to apply for a working capital loan to ease cash flow issues and got a loan in just 3 days. They got to work and used the amount as investment to grow their business. A year later, they wanted to expand their business further, but this time they knew better than to approach a bank. Vaishnavi shared, “We wanted to replace our old machines, so we applied for an asset purchase loan from Kinara and got Rs. 20 lakhs. We also added a Japanese machine, which helped us get more buyers and exporters. We started with just 1 machine and 3 workers, now we have 5 machines and a workforce of 45 people! We have reached a good position in the embroidery field, and Kinara is the reason."