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Unsecured business loans in Kalaburagi

Gulbarga or Kalaburagi is administrative headquarters of the Gulbarga district in Karnataka. The district has abundant deposits of limestone, and therefore many small mining and stone polishing industries have evolved in the area.There are also several large cement companies that have their bases here, and smaller associated businesses have also evolved as a result. Aside from these, the district has a notable food industry as well as many plastic processing units. But given that it is an industrial hub, smaller businesses might have a hard time securing unsecured loans in Kalaburagi, as traditional lenders tend to be partial to large companies, and generally steer clear of lending to small businesses. This is because they consider the latter to be risky, especially without property collateral. But Kinara capital has a presence in Kalaburgi, and offers collateral-free business loans to small business entrepreneurs.


Business Loans in Karnataka

Karnataka is the largest South Indian state, and shares borders with all 4 other sister states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. It is home to large urban centres like Bangalore, which is also the largest tech hub in India, also known as the country’s Silicon Valley. But aside from the thriving IT industry, Karnataka also has a range of other industries like automobiles, textile and garment manufacturing, food processing, biotechnology and heavy engineering. Many of these industries comprise small manufacturing units and companies that thrive in Karnataka's conducive business environment. But there is one hurdle many of them encounter when they try to scale up, which is the lack of access to formal credit. But there is an easy solution to this. They can approach Kinara Capital for quick and easy collateral-free business loans in Karnataka, and grow their businesses.


How to get a business loan in Kalaburagi?

Small business entrepreneurs need a steady stream of capital infusion to keep their business growing. But for many small businesses, this becomes a difficult proposition because traditional lenders like banks are often averse to lending to them for myriad reasons. If your small business is based in Kalaburgi, you can approach Kinara Capital for a loan instead. All you have to do to get MSME loans in Gulbarga. Log on to the Kinara Capital website and fill out our 1-minute eligibility check to see if you qualify for a loan. If you do, a loan officer will get in touch with you to complete the process. The MSME loan process at Kinara Capital is quick, flexible and requires minimal documentation.


MSME Loan Process

Kinara Capital has a quick MSME business loan process. After the initial application process and approval, a loan can be disbursed within just 24-hours. You can get started with an MSME loan eligibility check on our website. If you are eligible, a Kinara Loan Officer will be in touch for the rest of the process. Once your application is verified and approved, your small business loan will be disbursed. Our documentation process is flexible and allows for the substitution of certain documents with others, subject to availability.

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With their grit & perseverance, small business owners go on to create local jobs and grow India’s economy. Here’s what they have to say about us!

Iswarya and Mohan Babu
Iswarya and Mohan Babu
Mukund Automats

“Once we got the first loan, we grew and grew. Our workforce also grew, we now employ 50 people! The most important factor in our growth and our success is Kinara Capital.”

Sri Sai Candles

“Small factories like ours simply can't get a loan from banks. With Kinara Capital, you don’t even have to go anywhere, they come to you!”

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