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MSME Loan Application

Applying for an MSME Loan: Online vs Offline Mode

Online and offline are two main ways to apply for a business loan. The decision to go for a business...

Importance of Working Capital for MSMEs

What is Working Capital & Why's It Important?

The ability to meet short-term obligations is essential for a business's long-term survival. Working capital ensures that a business has...

MSMEs in Developing Countries

The Importance of MSMEs in Developing Countries

Micro, Small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) are crucial drivers of economic growth, particularly in developing countries, where they play a...

Business Loans

Business loans for small traders

Grow Your MSME with Business Loan for Traders

One of the largest sectors in India, trading is an important sector as it plays a significant part in sustaining...

Kinara Capital to Disburse Business Loans

Kinara Capital to Disburse over INR 1,110 crores to MSMEs in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry

MSMEs are an integral part of the economic landscape of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. Tamil Nadu accounts for 8% of...

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Fintech Companies catalyzing Financial Freedom
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Employee of the week

Employee Spotlight - Subramanya Naik
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Customer Success Story of the week

Customer Success Story - Dariyadaari
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