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July 1, 2021

Collateral Free Business Loan for Women

    • July 1, 2021
    • By Team Kinara
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    All business owners face challenges. Raising collateral free business loan, building teams, finding the right market, to name a few. Do you know any business person who hasn't faced any problems? No, right? But the reason why women entrepreneurship needs to be stressed is that women face a whole new set of challenges: social difficulties, managing work and household, and most importantly, lack of money. Encouraging women entrepreneurs is important to economic development because their presence directly affects raising the standard of living, building jobs, and allowing them to be more economically independent, resulting in better performance at a societal level. So, let us now know more about what Collateral-Free Business Loan for Women means.

    Collateral free business loans apply to any loan which:

    • Does not require an asset, security deposit, or a guarantor to be backed up.
    • Collateral Free Business Loan is a loan that is unsecured for MSME
    • Collateral - free business loans consider the company's current sales, cash flows and success to make sure that you can repay the loan on time.

    Get Collateral Free Business Loans for Women at Kinara Capital

    Kinara Capital is led by founder & CEO Hardika Shah and a women majority management team. With so many women taking up management, we have a special product known as HerVikas to empower women business owners by providing collateral-free business loan for women.

    Upfront discount available for women-owned MSMEs.

    • An automatic discount of up to 1% for businesswomen.
    • No Extra documentation is required.
    • All Loan types are valid for a HerVikas discount.
    • Collateral free business loan for women.

    What are the Advantages of Taking a Collateral-Free Business Loan for Women?

    • The main advantage of a collateral-free business loan for women is the fact that no collateral requirement exists.
    • Loans are issued with an upfront discount.
    • Competitive interest rates.
    • The processing of applications is problem-free and quick.

    Get a Collateral Free Business Loan for Women with an upfront 1% discount

    What Are the Eligibility Criteria for The Collateral-Free Business Loan for Women?

    To seek these loans, eligibility conditions are straightforward:

    • Applications are valid for private limited companies with SME/SSI registration.
    • Sole proprietorship firms, private limited firms, limited public companies are eligible.

    How to Apply for Collateral Free Business Loan for Women?

    Here are 2 steps process to apply for a collateral-free business loan for women from Kinara Capital.

    1.Submit Your Application - Enter your personal, business and financial information needed to get the Collateral Free Business Loan.

    2. Income Verification - Submit all the documents that are needed to verify your income. Some of the documents include:

    • GST verification
    • Bank account with 12 months statement (applicant, co-applicant and business)
    • Machinery details (only for the manufacturing sector)
    • Property (no documents required, only information)
    • Number of employees

    Collateral free business loans are the easiest to get. These loans open unlimited opportunities for your business to grow. Micro and small enterprises offer several advantages, especially for women. Some of the advantages include being a role model for young women, increasing a family’s income, providing employment to the community and many more. Female entrepreneurs can contribute to economic growth in developing countries and clearly represents an untouched potential. Most women do not get a share in their family property, making it difficult for them to get a loan. Therefore Collateral Free Business Loan become the best option for them.

    At Kinara Capital, we strongly believe in empowering women and supporting them in every possible way.

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