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Guntha Harish

Sai Ram General Stores

Pattern “My business and earnings had hit a plateau. With the loan from Kinara, I was able to set up another shop and double my income.”

With Kinara’s help, Guntha Harish added an extra daily turnover of Rs. 25,000 from a new shop, and brought his total up to Rs. 1 crore a year.

It takes momentum to not only start a business but also to keep it going. But for many small business entrepreneurs, the latter becomes a challenge. While they are able to get by and keep turning a steady profit, they stop growing and come to a standstill. This is especially true for retail businesses, as was the case with Guntha. His retail business selling provisions, named Sai Ram General Stores, had become dull and his growth had stagnated. He wanted to kick-start his growth trajectory, but there wasn’t enough capital to invest in a new venture. Around this time, he was introduced to Kinara, and decided to take a business improvement loan. According to him, that decision has changed everything. He shared, “With the loan amount, I was able to set up another shop and wholesale cold drinks. We doubled our income, with an additional Rs. 25,000 coming in from the new shop. Earlier, we used to struggle with money, but now our business is so well that we have a yearly turnover of Rs. 1 crore. We are very thankful to Kinara for making this possible.”

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