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July 21, 2022

Kinara Capital Launches #JadejaBatsForKinara Ad Campaign with Indian Cricketer Ravindra Jadeja

    Brand Ambassador Jadeja to Expand Awareness of myKinara App for Fast & Flexible Collateral-Free Business Loans

    Bengaluru, July 21, 2022 — Kinara Capital, a leading fintech driving MSME financial inclusion across 100+ cities in India, today announced the launch of the #JadejaBatsForKinara advertising campaign featuring the company’s exclusive brand ambassador Ravindra Jadeja. Kinara Capital is empowering India’s small business entrepreneurs with myKinara App that offers fast and flexible collateral-free MSME loans within 24-hours, in the range of Rs. 1-30 lakhs.

    The #JadejaBatsForKinara ad campaign is a series of three concepts that riff on the real-life situations that small business entrepreneurs commonly encounter before becoming Kinara customers. The ads feature India’s leading cricketer Ravindra Jadeja relaying his popular catchphrases of Ab Mariye Sixer, Howzzzat, and Ab No Googly to highlight myKinara’s benefits for small business entrepreneurs, including:

    ● Collateral-Free MSME loans available within 24-hours with a fully digital process

    ● Automatic Discount for Women-owned MSMEs with HerVikas program

    ● Instant 1-minute Eligibility Check with no document upload required

    Please check ‘JadejaBatsForKinara’ Ad Campaign playlist link:

    Khyati Shah, EVP, Corporate Marketing, Kinara Capital, said, “The #JadejaBatsForKinara ad campaign is addressing the challenges of the MSMEs by offering myKinara App as a solution and empowering small business entrepreneurs to confidently take the first step towards achieving business growth. Our Brand Ambassador Ravindra Jadeja is a self-made champion whose tenacity to give his all in every cricket match resonates with the determined spirit of the everyday entrepreneur.”

    The vernacular-friendly myKinara App offers an easy 3-step process to small business entrepreneurs taking them from instant eligibility check to digital loan disbursement within 24-hours. The #JadejaBatsForKinara ad series promoting myKinara App is expanded into various formats and languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati & Marathi. The ads are primarily running on social media channels including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, in 6-sec, 15-sec, and 30-sec versions, and are scheduled to run on other mediums such as OTT, in-app advertising, and ShareChat.

    Kinara Capital’s exclusive Brand Ambassador Ravindra Jadeja said, “Batting for the success of small business entrepreneurs has always been the foundation of Kinara Capital. I grew up in a humble neighborhood surrounded by many small businesses that were a recognized part of the community. I understand and acknowledge the importance of that one helping hand to nudge you to the next level. So, I am proud to represent the value that myKinara App holds for small businesses.”

    Created and produced by Lintas C:EX for Kinara Capital, the #JadejaBatsForKinara ads were filmed in Bangalore with an original background music score composed to give the ads a catchy tune. In the ads, Jadeja swooshes in to replace the uninterested traditional lender who has a lengthy, paper-intensive process with a fresh, digital approach of the myKinara App that uplifts the small business entrepreneurs by addressing their pain points. The mix of humour and veracity of the #JadejaBatsForKinara campaign ads enhance the high value of myKinara for MSMEs.

    Satish Ramanathan, Executive Director, Lintas C:EX, said, “The task for us was to create short, digital-friendly, impactful content that showcases the importance of the myKinara App in a memorable manner. We wanted to take a definitive positioning for Kinara Capital that is owned for the long term. The ad succinctly captures the struggle of the entrepreneur and the swift solution offered by myKinara. Jadeja also synced well with the message that we were trying to highlight with his sense of humour and apt delivery.”

    Kinara Capital is revolutionizing the business growth of MSMEs by making access to formal credit much easier with its myKinara App. The #JadejaBatsForKinara ad campaign aims to raise awareness among small business entrepreneurs across the MSME sectors of Manufacturing, Trading, and Services to access reliable business financing at their fingertips via the myKinara App.

    About Kinara Capital

    Kinara Capital is a fast-growing MSME fintech propelling financial inclusion of small business entrepreneurs in India. To date, the company has disbursed over INR 3,500 crores across 75,000 collateral-free MSME loans. Qualified as a Systemically Important NBFC by the Reserve Bank of India, Kinara Capital is a debt-listed entity on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). Headquartered in Bangalore, Kinara Capital has 125 branches across 100+ cities in India. Visit for more information and follow us on Facebook @kinaracap or on Insta @kinaracapital.

    This press release may contain projections and other forward-looking statements regarding future events or future financial performance. These statements are only predictions and reflect our current beliefs and expectations with respect to future events and are based on assumptions and subject to risk and uncertainties and subject to change at any time. Given business risks and uncertainties, undue reliance on these forward-looking statements should not be placed. Actual events or results may differ materially from those contained in the projections or forward-looking statements.

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