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Nishit Shah

Nishit Tech

Pattern "Kinara supported me when I was in need of money for my small business. Since then, I've doubled my turnover & hired 4 new employees.”

Keeping a new business afloat through the first few difficult years is one of the big challenges that many small business entrepreneurs face. At a time when they have barely any profits to show, accessing capital through formal credit sources like banks is nearly impossible, especially if they have no collateral to offer.

Nishit Shah found himself in one such tight spot after starting his paper products manufacturing business, Nishit Tech. He was in dire need of money to keep his small business afloat, but no lender he approached was willing to sanction a loan, given how new his business was. Finally, he approached Kinara, and was surprised by the response he received. “Kinara gave me the support I needed to grow my business. My turnover has doubled since then, my profits have increased, and I have been able to hire 4 new employees too. My standard of living has also gone up. We benefited because Kinara Capital supports small-scale businesses like ours, which no other lender is willing to do. It has instilled a lot of hope in business owners like me. Thank you, Kinara!."

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