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M Banu

KMB Metal Works

Pattern “With two collateral-free loans from Kinara capital, we were able to buy machinery and increase our turnover by five times to Rs. 1.5 lakhs.”

A small business is a big opportunity to earn and create jobs. But it has to be scaled up at the right time to reach its true potential. M Banu, who had started KMB Metal Works, a metal polishing business, with her husband and son, recognized this potential. But when she tried to scale up her business, she found all doors closed. Banks rejected her application or asked for property collateral, which she couldn’t provide.

After many disappointments, she found Kinara Capital and received a collateral-free HerVikas business loan. She was delighted with the simple process and basic documentation requirements after the exhausting process of applying for bank loans. She took two loans and was able to buy machinery to scale up her operations, and that proved to be a gamechanger. “Our business has improved after taking the two loans from Kinara to buy machinery. Our turnover has increased by five times from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 1.5 lakh,” she shared.

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Vaishnavi and Karthik Babu

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