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Fatima Bai

Al Shams Enterprises

Pattern "Initially I was skeptical about the loan from Kinara, but we ended up getting the amount in just 3 days! Now I’m a HerVikas businesswoman!"

When women start earning and become self-reliant, it doesn't just change their own lives, but those of other women in the community as well. As business owners, women entrepreneurs can create jobs for other women, and lend a helping hand to women who are struggling to get their own ventures off the ground. It also creates a positive multi-generational impact, providing more opportunities for young girls in the community to pursue their aspirations. Fathima Bai is a firm believer in women’s grit and capability. She wants to spread the message of empowerment for women and young girls, with the hope that lasting change can happen when women take the first step to break out and start their own businesses. She knows first-hand that women can achieve anything they set their mind to, with a little support. She started off as a daily wage worker, and after many initial struggles, she was finally able to open up her own shop. But it was only the beginning. She wanted to expand her business and open more shops, but there wasn’t enough capital to do so. She approached Kinara for a loan, and was able to expand her business, and open up a second shop. Eventually she wanted to grow her business further, and took another loan from Kinara, using it to open a third shop. She shared, “I say this not with sadness but with extreme happiness, that I used to worry whether our kids will have enough to eat. Now with the help of Kinara Capital, we are the proud owners of 3 shops!”

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K. Appa Rao

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