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Anupama Chenna

Sri Padmavathi Enterprises

Pattern "Since we got our first loan from Kinara, business has improved, increasing our turnover to Rs. 15 lakhs from Rs. 1-2 lakhs in 8 months.”

Anupama scaled up her 20-year old bedding manufacturing business in the space of just 8 months after getting in touch with Kinara and receiving the capital she needed.

Having experience in a particular industry is key to starting and running a successful business. This was the story of Anupama and her husband, who started a bedding manufacturing business called Sri Padmavathi Enterprises.But experience and knowing the ins and outs of the work you do is not always enough to expand your business and take it to the big league. While Anupama’s business was running well, it was a small venture in a competitive industry, and only had a turnover of Rs. 1-2 lakhs, even after 20 years. What she needed was more capital to build it out and scale up for more profitability.

She found out about Kinara Capital and approached us for a loan. Soon she was able to secure a HerVikas loan and use the amount to buy much-needed raw materials. She shared, “We got a loan of Rs. 5 lakhs from Kinara and bought raw materials with it. Since then, our business has improved significantly and our turnover has increased from Rs. 1-2 lakhs a month to Rs. 15 lakh in 8 months."

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