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Amar Singh

Sai Balaji Electronics

Pattern “Kinara is like my best friend. With their support I have doubled my turnover and improved my life.”

With three loans from Kinara, Amar singh managed to expand his business, start new ventures and double his turnover from Rs 10 lakhs to Rs. 20 lakhs.

Not all beginnings are smooth or positive. Amar Singh started his business, Sri Balaji Electronics, to make ends meet after he lost his job. He has been running the business for over a decade now, but credits Kinara with supporting him throughout the better part of that journey. Like many small business owners, he wanted to expand his business and increase his turnover, but couldn’t access the capital necessary, because banks turned him down.

When he got in touch with Kinara, he was first asked for his trade licence, bank statements, and IT returns, none of which he had. But that did not stand in the way of getting a loan. Kinara’s Executives coached him and gave him time to get his documents in order before starting the loan process. He shared, “Some months later, I qualified to get a loan. Since then, I have taken 2 additional loans from Kinara Capital. I invested in developing our business by securing a storage godown, adding new hardware products, and in updating the storefront. Since the first loan, my turnover has doubled! Before Kinara, I didn't even have the option to get a loan. Kinara is like my best friend. They have given me so much support, and helped me improve my life.”

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Iswarya and Mohan Babu

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