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Pattern “I was extremely scared when I heard of the lockdown because I could not afford to lose my job. When I was told that we would be continuing operations I was relieved. Coming to work has been a blessing as it helped me overcome the mental stress of the pandemic.”

Bhavnaben, one of the women micro-entrepreneurs of SEWA’s Lok Swasthya Cooperative, had been working and helping support her family. But after the pandemic hit, her income became that much more critical for the well-being of her daily. Her husband had been unable to work for close to a year and Bhavnaben was helping support the family when she heard about the lockdown. Like many in her position, she worries that this would mean that her work and earnings would stop abruptly, disrupting her family’s finances. But thanks to SEWA, aided by the proceeds of Kinara’s CSR fund, Bhavnaben was able to keep her job. She switched to manufacturing affordable hand sanitizers, contributing in her own way to the war against the spread of Covid-9. She shared,