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And we’re back!

And we’re back!

We’ve been away from the office for a while, and most of us have settled in working from home. But it’s not the same. Being away from your work friends and teammates for an extended period of time can be difficult, even though we have found ways to connect and work seamlessly together through the lockdown.

But what we’ve all been waiting for is finally happening! On 1st June, we successfully reopened our Head Office at Bangalore, more than two months after we had to close up because of the pandemic and the country-wide lockdown that followed. Of course, all Covid-19 prevention protocol is being followed to a tee. So if you walk into the Head Office, you might notice some changes. For starters, all seating is now socially distanced and all our employees are following mask-wearing protocol during office hours. At our end, we have invested in extensive sanitization measures, making sure to disinfect every corner of the office space every day before the teams come in. We’re also continuing with our practice of checking and recording every individual’s temperature, every day, when they come into the office. This way, we not only protect everyone coming in to work, but can also keep a tab on the health of our employees.

You might see a few changes in the way our office space is utilized. This is to ensure that everyone is comfortable seated while following distancing guidelines. We’ve repurposed certain areas, and put in place certain guidelines like teams taking turns to come to the office, so that we can safely navigate the workplace without worrying about Covid.

We’re delighted to welcome Team Kinara to return to working from the office, and look forward to opening up our branches in phases over the few weeks, with all necessary protocols in place.

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Team Kinara

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