Changing lives and livelihoods for over a million


How we affect change

For a decade, Kinara has been devoted to driving financial inclusion for small business entrepreneurs by providing collateral-free business loans. We serve the ‘missing middle’ of MSMEs, which are largely overlooked by formal lending institutions like banks. By providing them access to capital, we promote sustainable growth and help in creating jobs and improving local economies reliant on the MSME sector.


What we have accomplished

So far we have effected a positive change in the lives of thousands of small business entrepreneurs by disbursing over Rs. 2000 crores through 60,000+ loans disbursed across 110+ locations in India. The social impact of our financial inclusion work has led to an incremental

income generation of Rs. 700 crores for small business entrepreneurs and more than 250,000 jobs created or sustained, and counting. In all, we have positively impacted the lives of over a million people by driving inclusion and sustainable growth.

  • 250,000

    $100 million added to the economy

  • 20%

    Incremental income increase

  • 1 million

    Income added to the economy

Our Accreditions

  • The Smart Campaign accredited

    Led by CFI, the Smart Campaign is a customer protection initiative aimed at creating an environment in which financial services are delivered safely and responsibly to low-income clients.

  • GIIRS Impact Rated

    Powered by the B Impact Assessment, GIIRS Ratings are the leading mane in impact measurement in impact investing. They measure a company or a fund's social and environmental impact.

  • Cerise SPI4 audited company

    CERISE SPI4 is a social performance audit tool aimed at helping financial service providers to achieve their social mission. It collates all industry standards and provides a unified language useful for reporting to stakeholders.

  • Driving sustainable growth from the ground up

    We help create systemic changes that allow small business entrepreneurs to take charge of their financial goals and reach their true potential. This is achieved by not only providing easily accessible capital to those who need it, but also ensuring financial literacy and inclusion for first-time borrowers. This, in turn, also improved livelihoods and local economies by sustaining jobs and generating employment for first time wage earners. Empowering women entrepreneurs also helps bring about a generational shift in the way communities perceive them, and the opportunities that become available to other women and girls.

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    United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals fulfilled by us
    • 1

      No Poverty

    • 2

      Zero Hunger

    • 3

      Good Health and Well-Being

    • 4

      Quality Education

    • 5

      Gender Equality

    • 8

      Decent Work and Economic Growth

    • 9

      Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

    • 10

      Reduced Inequalities