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June 19, 2023
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Creating an inclusive and supportive work environment for women is a priority at Kinara. The company provides mentorship programs, leadership development opportunities, and training initiatives specifically tailored to address the unique challenges women may face in their professional journeys. When women take on leadership roles, they become role models and mentors for other women within the organization. This fosters a culture of empowerment and inspires younger generations to aspire to positions of leadership themselves.

Seeing women succeed and excel in their careers not only boosts confidence but also demonstrates that gender is not a barrier to achieving one’s professional goals. Kinara Capital believes that when women thrive, organizations thrive. The company is dedicated to creating an environment where women can flourish professionally, break through glass ceilings, and reach their full potential. By opening doors for young women to join the workforce and actively inspiring them to take on leadership roles, companies like Kinara are building a more progressive and equitable society.

Sejal’s Journey at Kinara

When Sejal joined Kinara in 2019, she didn’t have too much knowledge or experience in the field of finance. What really drew her to the company was finding out that it’s led by a women-majority management team. This convinced her that Kinara was the right place for an ambitious young woman like her. She quickly picked up a wide range of skills and learned about business fundamentals and the loan process. 

In her current position, Sejal assists with the disbursements and collections handled by her hub and oversees a number of operational elements ranging from IT assets and registers to data reporting. She also trains new employees on all aspects of an operations role. In her time at Kinara, Sejal has grown into a confident and dedicated professional who goes out of her way to support both customers and colleagues.

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Best Experience Working at Kinara Capital

Sejal joined as an executive and was promoted to the role of assistant manager in just 1.5 years. She also received appreciation from the management for her support of the hub team. She considers this to be her best experience at the company so far.

She shares, “Kinara is an employee-centric organization that offers equal opportunities to women. That’s the reason I decided to join the company, and it has definitely delivered on my expectations. The female leaders inspire me to excel at my job, and I take a lot of pride in what I do. I also love the fact that Kinara ensures that employees have a good work-life balance. It means that I can spend quality time with my family and pursue my interests while also giving my best at work. I’m proud to be part of this impactful organization!”

Interests and Hobbies

Sejal’s primary hobbies are sketching and painting. She finds a lot of joy in creative expression, and making beautiful pieces of art. She also likes to experiment with different mediums, and most recently, has been working with resin to create artworks, as well as trinkets and gifts.

Sejal strongly believes in giving back, especially by helping those in need. During the Covid-19 pandemic, she witnessed the hardships faced by daily wage labourers and felt deeply moved by it. So she took it upon herself to prepare meals for a few families residing in temporary tents, providing them with much-needed sustenance.

If Sejal’s enriching journey at Kinara inspires you to explore opportunities at the company yourself, the timing is perfect! With the presence of Kinara Capital in 100+ cities, visit our careers page to check out career opportunities. 

Kinara Capital is a socially responsible fintech company dedicated to servicing the severely underserved MSME industry in India with easy access to formal credit. Kinara offers collateral-free business loans to small business entrepreneurs across 6 states and a union territory through its network of 125 branches across 100+ cities. Joining Kinara Capital would not only open doors for professional growth but also offer job satisfaction and a sense of belonging, given the culture the company fosters.

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