Kinara Capital Employee Spotlight - Shaik Ahmed

April 3, 2023
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When entering the workforce, there is a degree of uncertainty that each individual faces about whether they will be able to excel at the role they have chosen. Customer-facing roles can be particularly challenging in this regard, but those with a flair for it can turn each challenge into a great success. 

As a people-centric organisation, Kinara Capital focuses on ensuring the best outcomes for both customers and employees. Kinara makes sure that the employees at the front lines not only excel at interfacing with customers but also enjoy the interaction and taking care of customer needs. The important thing is for employees to have the option to explore what they want to do.

Kinara prides itself on having an environment that supports mobility and experimentation across departments. Employees can try their hand at various tasks and projects if they choose to before honing in on what suits them best. Shaik Ahmed had the opportunity to work in two teams at Kinara and quickly realised that customer service is his true calling.

Ahmed’s Journey at Kinara

Shaik Ahmed joined Kinara Capital around 2 years ago. Even within this short time, he has explored multiple different responsibilities across departments, which he thinks is the most enriching part of his work experience.  

Ahmed now works as a Business Operations Analyst in Bengaluru, and having the opportunity to dabble in multiple tasks across departments made him realise his true calling lay in understanding customers and helping them every step of the way.

Best Experience Working at Kinara Capital

Initially, Ahmed became part of the Sales department, learning the ins and outs of how sales are conducted and the process of converting leads into applications. 

Eventually, he wanted to try his hand at customer service, so he switched to the Customer Care team. Here, he realised his flair for connecting with customers and educating them about how Kinara works. Now, he stays connected with customers and enjoys helping them. He considers this as the best part of his professional experience so far because he could experiment and figure out where his strengths lay, paving the way for a successful career that offers job satisfaction.

He shares, "Interacting with customers and getting an in-depth understanding of their requirements is the most interesting part of my job, I love helping them. I cherish Kinara's open and flexible work culture, which lets me switch between teams and test my abilities before settling in on a role where I can bring my best.”

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Interests and Hobbies

Ahmed is an avid numismatist and gets a thrill when he finds a rare coin. He has been collecting old coins and currency notes since he was a child, making him feel like he’s hunting for diamonds when he goes looking for a particularly rare or ancient one.

Ahmed also loves the idea of travelling. He wants to explore the world, experience all it offers, and not leave any destinations untravelled. At the top of his list are Kashmir, Maldives, and Goa, which he wants to visit over and over again.

If Ahmed’s enriching journey at Kinara inspires you to explore opportunities at the company yourself, the timing is perfect! Kinara is in the process of hiring 700+ employees across 100+ cities in the headquarters and 125 other branches. To make the most of this amazing opportunity, visit the Kinara Capital careers page and find yourself a role that will give you the growth and job satisfaction you want.

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