Employee Spotlight – Girish Chitgupekar

April 3, 2023
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Employees naturally gravitate towards workplaces that provide them with the tools and environment that allow them to excel in their current roles. What is even more valuable, however, is an employer invested in the career growth of each member of the workforce. It’s relatively rare to find employers like this, because many companies overlook the importance of a good employee value proposition. Only when the workforce is well cared for and witnessing growth, can the company as a whole maintain growth momentum.

That is the main reason a lot of Kinara employees remain with the company for years. Not only do they get exposure and gather a wealth of experience, they are also consistently given the tools and opportunities to grow in their careers. Through regular trainings and refreshers, as well as assessments and performance improvements systems in place, the company ensures that every member of the team has the chance to make steady progress. By building a supportive environment for its employees, Kinara has ensured that each one of them progresses in tandem with the company as a whole.

Girish’s Journey at Kinara

Girish Chitgupekar was drawn to Kinara Capital as a company because he saw that the company provides a valuable service to MSME entrepreneurs. He realized that MSMEs in India needed a lot of financing support to succeed, and that there was a significant credit gap in the market. He wanted to be part of a company that was working towards bridging the gap, and that’s exactly what he found at Kinara.He joined Kinara in 2018 as part of the Internal Quality Audit team. Over the next couple of years, the Bidar-based professional kept honing his existing skill set and picking up more skills, while he managed his own responsibilities. Given his desire to learn and his ability to quickly pick up on new competencies, he was quick to earn recognition and appreciation. Now he carries out field appraisals, which involve undertaking a series of checks and information gathering processes to assess the creditworthiness of a customer. 

Best Experience Working at Kinara Capital

Last year, Girish was promoted to the role of Branch Credit Analyst. In his new role, Girish meets a variety of customers, visiting them and conducting due diligence to ensure that they follow necessary laws and regulations to qualify for collateral-free business loans. In the course of conducting field appraisals, he looks into a wide range of factors such as the safety of the workplace, and the health of the business, and understands better about the experience of the entrepreneurs. His favourite part of the job is being able to help deserving business owners with the financing support they need to take their businesses to the next level.

He shares, “Kinara Capital is a company that is genuinely invested in the betterment of its customers and career growth of its employees. I really like that Kinara provides so many opportunities to learn and our work supports MSMEs in our community. I have gathered a lot of experience and knowledge and I have felt appreciated with the employee recognition for my performance. Kinara has an excellent work culture, and in my opinion, it’s the best place to work!”

Grow your MSME with collateral-free business loans

Interests and Hobbies

Girish loves to travel, and his favourite place in the world is his home state of Karnataka. He knows the region in and out, and has visited nearly every temple and attraction in the state. He also loves nature. He enjoys being amidst greenery and feels it soothens the mind and body. In his free time, Girish also likes to unwind by watching movies and listening to good music.

If Girish’s enriching journey at Kinara inspires you to explore opportunities at the company yourself, the timing is perfect! With the presence of Kinara Capital in 100+ cities, visit our careers page to check out career opportunities. 

Kinara Capital is a socially responsible fintech company dedicated to servicing the severely underserved MSME industry in India with easy access to formal credit. Kinara offers collateral-free business loans to small business entrepreneurs across 6 states and a union territory through its network of 125 branches across 100+ cities. Joining Kinara Capital would not only open doors for professional growth but also offer job satisfaction and a sense of belonging, given the culture the company fosters.

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