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June 30, 2023
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Some individuals possess an innate flair for sales that sets them apart from others. They have a natural talent for connecting with people, building relationships, and understanding customer needs. These individuals possess exceptional interpersonal skills, persuasive communication abilities, and an intuitive understanding of human behaviour. They can effortlessly establish rapport, gain trust, and navigate through sales conversations with finesse. Their ability to listen attentively and empathize with customers enables them to uncover their pain points and offer tailored solutions. This innate talent for sales allows them to effectively influence and persuade potential customers, resulting in successful sales conversions.

The right environment plays a crucial role in nurturing and harnessing their potential. A supportive and conducive sales environment provides them with the tools, resources, and training necessary to further develop their skills. This includes sales training programs that enhance their product knowledge, sales techniques, and negotiation skills. It also involves mentorship opportunities, where experienced sales professionals can guide and provide valuable insights to help them refine their approach.

Kinara Capital understands the significance of fostering a culture of collaboration, continuous learning, and recognition. It encourages teamwork, allowing employees to exchange ideas, share best practices, and learn from their peers. Recognizing and rewarding their achievements further fuels their motivation and drive to excel in their sales roles. Kinara’s positive work environment that supports their growth and provides them with the necessary tools and resources allows these individuals to flourish and maximize their innate sales talents.

Balaiah’s Journey at Kinara

Balaiah joined Kinara Capital in 2017 and currently serves as a Sales Officer at the Prashanth Nagar branch in Hyderabad.  Balaiah takes great pleasure in identifying the unique needs of customers and providing them with timely loans to fuel the growth of their businesses. Witnessing the success and happiness that come from customers’ flourishing businesses reinforces his love for his job. Balaiah has received abundant opportunities for personal and professional growth through comprehensive training and guidance at Kinara.

He shares, “Kinara has a very healthy work culture where teamwork thrives, and we work together to overcome any challenges. In my role, I have the opportunity to travel to different locations and gain valuable insights into diverse markets and industries, and I have hit many career milestones in the process. I’m grateful for the opportunities provided by Kinara. This company has helped me grow both personally and professionally.” 

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Best Experience Working at Kinara Capital

His exceptional performance earned him the recognition of being awarded the ‘Best Officer’ title of Best Sales and Collections Officer. This was followed by another accolade, as he was named the ‘Best Employee’ Award in Sales and Collections.

These accolades have a positive impact on his morale, motivation, and job satisfaction. Being recognized for his outstanding performance has boosted his confidence and reaffirmed his career choices. It also acts as a source of inspiration and fuels Balaiah’s drive to continue delivering exceptional results.

Interests and Hobbies

Balaiah is a cricket fan and especially admires Virat Kohli for his problem-solving skills and the exceptional results he delivers. Kohli’s prowess on the cricket field extends beyond his exceptional batting abilities, as he possesses a unique talent for analyzing complex situations, formulating strategies, and executing them with precision. Balaiah applies similar strategies to his own work.

He also enjoys travelling and was enamoured by Kerala when he visited the beautiful state. He wishes to return for another trip, and this time plans to take his family along so that they can enjoy the history and natural beauty of Kerala too.

If Balaiah’s enriching journey at Kinara inspires you to explore opportunities at the company yourself, the timing is perfect! With the presence of Kinara Capital in 100+ cities, visit our careers page to check out career opportunities. 

Kinara Capital is a socially responsible fintech company dedicated to servicing the severely underserved MSME industry in India with easy access to formal credit. Kinara offers collateral-free business loans to small business entrepreneurs across 6 states and a union territory through its network of 125 branches across 100+ cities. Joining Kinara Capital would not only open doors for professional growth but also offer job satisfaction and a sense of belonging, given the culture the company fosters.

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