Employee Spotlight – Aditi Chowdhury

July 14, 2023
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Individuals with a natural talent for connecting with people and assisting them possess a unique set of skills and qualities that make them well-suited for roles in Human Resources (HR). HR representatives who possess this talent have the ability to thrive in their positions, as they are able to effectively support and guide others, particularly during the onboarding process and throughout their employee experiences. One of the key strengths of seasoned HR representatives is their passion for helping people navigate transitions.

Whether it’s a new hire joining the organization or an existing employee going through a career change, they have a genuine interest in making the transition as smooth as possible. They understand the challenges and uncertainties that individuals may face during these periods and are committed to providing the necessary support and guidance to ensure a positive experience.

The ability to connect with people allows them to establish strong relationships with employees at all levels of the organization and is a key factor that determines whether someone will thrive as a successful HR personnel. They have excellent interpersonal skills, which enable them to effectively communicate and empathize with individuals, understanding their needs and concerns.

This connection and rapport help build trust and confidence in the HR representative, creating an environment where employees feel comfortable seeking guidance and sharing their experiences. At Kinara Capital, individuals with this flair for establishing great interpersonal connections with employees are celebrated as HR professionals and are given the opportunity to leverage their abilities to advance both personally and professionally.

Aditi’s Journey at Kinara

Aditi Chowdhury has been an onboarding analyst at Kinara Capital for nearly two years. Her interest in the field of HR was piqued during her previous non-HR role, where she was inspired by an HR representative who supported and facilitated opportunities for the employees. This experience motivated her to help others by selecting and onboarding talent, enabling them to thrive within an organization, and she found the perfect opportunity at Kinara.

In her current role, she takes charge of onboarding employees, both across Kinara’s branches in 100+ cities and at the headquarters location in Bangalore. At present, she onboards approximately 20-25 new joinees every week to keep up with the burgeoning growth of the organization and the rapidly escalating demand for talent. 

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Best Experience Working at Kinara Capital

Aditi finds great joy in welcoming and assisting new employees, guiding them through the paperwork, explaining company policies, and ensuring their first days at Kinara Capital are smooth and comfortable. Her greatest accomplishment at Kinara so far has been earning the trust and support of her manager, which has led to additional responsibilities and opportunities for growth for her.

She shares, “I feel fortunate to be a part of Kinara Capital. The culture is a very supportive one, where knowledge sharing is valued and everyone helps one another. I’m also very grateful to my department head, manager, and colleagues for their continuous support and contributions to my personal and professional development. They always provide me with guidance and the freedom to accomplish tasks and foster career growth.”

Interests and Hobbies

Aditi is a great cook and takes to the kitchen on the weekend to rustle up rare Bengali delicacies that her mother and grandmother made for her when she was growing up. She also believes in living life to the fullest, and makes the most of her free time by travelling as much as she can. Although she has already travelled to many amazing destinations, she knows that many more remain to be explored, and she wants to check them off her bucket list.

If Aditi’s enriching journey at Kinara inspires you to explore opportunities at the company yourself, the timing is perfect! With the presence of Kinara Capital in 100+ cities, visit our careers page to check out career opportunities. 

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