Building a Digital Brand - Cost-Effective Digital Marketing for MSMEs

April 3, 2023
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With the advent of new and immersive technologies, the importance of an online presence and branding is increasing. This is driving the need for cost-effective digital marketing for MSMEs and building a digital brand for small businesses in India. According to recent reports, MSMEs investing in digital marketing activities are likely to grow 2.8x in terms of revenue and hire talented workforce in their small businesses. Digital transformation of MSMEs can help them amplify their brands better, reach a larger number of targeted audiences and drive business growth through effective digital marketing strategies. Innovation and continuous exploration of digital opportunities will simplify marketing for MSMEs and boost economic development in the country.

Exploring the World of Social Media

Building a strong customer connection and retention can be easily achieved with the various social media platforms. Small businesses in India can leverage platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more to create brand awareness about their products and enterprises with ease. This is the easiest way to all communicate with their customers directly. With the options to set up Facebook and Instagram stores, MSME businesses can sell their products to a larger customer audience and not limited by geographical constraints. And advertising on social media will help MSMEs create a digital brand and increase visibility.

Search Ads and Mobile Advertising

Advertising using Google can be the most cost-effective way for small businesses to promote their products and services. The advantages of search ads include easy geographical targeting, reaching a larger customer base to promote and sell products and services and the ability to use keyword variations to tap customers to sell products and services. Mobile ads are more accessible to MSMEs for digital marketing as mobile technology has now reached rural areas making it easy for MSME digital marketing. There are a host of options to choose from including display ads, app advertising, native ads, video ads, etc. Smart devices are the best way for small businesses to reach the maximum number of customers.

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Leveraging Google Business Listings

Google My Business listings are a free resource and can be seamlessly integrated with the Google search engine with giving visibility through local SEO efforts. Google My Business helps MSME entrepreneurs explore SEO and list detailed information about their small businesses and increase their online presence. Adding reviews and answering questions about products and services will enable MSME entrepreneurs to connect with the customers and boost their loyalty. Business listing will show up-to-date-information about a small business on the Google search results. These local SEO efforts will also enhance digital marketing for MSMEs and enable them to reach a larger number of customers.

Using Tools and Software for Poster Designs and Creatives

Visual designs and posters add more colour to marketing efforts and especially in digital marketing. Visuals and creatives create easier retention and enable customers to look at the products and explore additional information about small businesses. Tools such as Canva are perfect for small business owners to learn and use designing software to create quick posters, social media creatives, marketing collaterals etc. Furthermore, visual creatives will enhance an MSME’s content marketing strategies and give them an opportunity to boost their customer experiences through digital marketing.

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MSMEs adopting creative and analytical digital marketing strategies will help them create intuitive campaigns online and reach targeted customers efficiently. Digital transformation will ensure that small businesses in India will be able to sustainable scale their enterprises and get global opportunities for growth and profitability.

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