Will MSME Global Mart Help Small Business Owners in India?

May 23, 2024
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MSME Global Mart is a platform launched by the National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC) to aid the growth of MSMEs. MSME Global Mart provides small business entrepreneurs a larger market to export and import their products. Global Mart was initially introduced to increase the trade between India and other developing countries.

Global MSME Mart being a full fledged digital platform has all the features that a business will need to establish itself on the global market.

Registering as a Member in the MSME Global Mart

MSME Mart is a great platform for both buyers and sellers to expand their business, thereby new as well as existing business owners can register and avail a membership in the Global Mart . The trading is done online which makes it easier for both sellers and buyers to exchange their products and earn huge profits.

How to Register?

To register as a member, you can avail an annual membership in the Global MSME Mart. You can visit their website https://www.msmemart.com/membership and fill in the minimum details to get hands on all the benefits.

Benefits of Global MSME Mart Membership

The benefits in variety can be listed as below:

  • Creating your digital presence
  • Catching business alliances
  • Instant marketing with major search engines
  • Price check with competitors
  • Posting discounts and bulk order offers
  • Visibility to global buyers
  • Access to latest global tenders
  • Create business leads

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Creating Your Digital Presence

With the availability of web development tools for free in MSME Global Mart, you can create your business profile by adding banners and logos. You can upload the catalogue of your products as per the theme.

Catching Business Alliances

MSME owners can offer franchises and distributorships. They can also subcontract to grow and expand their business in other countries.

Instant Marketing with Major Search Engines

Small businesses can put their products catalogue on display on electronic media and can avail leads from major search engines. The same can be put up on social media to get more traffic.

Price Check with Competitors

All the members of the MSME Global Mart can keep an eye on market prices and update them accordingly. They can check the prices offered by multiple vendors in the market and their competitors.

Posting Discounts and Bulk Order Offers

Business owners post discounts on specific products, various offers on bulk purchases and also percentage discounts for special products, which attract the buyers for trade enquiries. These enquiries turn into business growth.

Visibility to Global Buyers

Since, MSME Global Mart brings traders from all over the globe obtaining visibility is a great thing to avail. Businesses can contact other businesses as per their desired locations, products descriptions and ratings. Becoming a part of the largest trade community is the way for small business owners to expand their businesses.

Access to Latest Global Tenders

Various industries such as the PVC, aluminium manufacturers, consumer goods producers etc. post their tenders on the MSME Global Mart, members tender alerts on their email addresses and can apply for them.

Create Business Leads

MSME business owners can look for leads in collaborations and executing orders by accepting franchise, agency for products and distributorship.

Membership Details

Global Mart Membership is divided into three categories

1. Basic Membership

Basic membership includes a 30 day free trial that gives the user access to all the features and benefits. After completion of one month trial, MSMEs can upgrade their membership to Gold Membership to unlock the premium features.

2. Gold membership

Accumulating all the premium features Gold Membership is available for Rs. 6000+GST. This membership gives you a year of privileges to earn profits. You can renew this annually.

3. Gold Membership for SC/ST

Gold membership provides MSMEs from the SC/ST sector 80% subsidy for a fresh registration as well as renewal.

Customer Testimonials

  1. “Ganga Steel & Fabrication Works” is a steel industry which provides raw materials. Mr. Hans Raj started his enterprise with the help of the PMEGP scheme of the Ministry of MSME by receiving a loan of Rs.4.89 Lakhs and within a short period of time was a recognised industry. 
  1. Sandy International is a trading company that provides toiletries to the hotel industry. With their registration in the MSME they have earned profits as their products are up for sale 24*7. They are offering their franchise with the MSME mart tenders to expand in other cities as well.

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