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December 17, 2021

How Can a Video KYC Expedite Your Loan Acquirement?

    • December 17, 2021
    • By Team Kinara
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    Indians have seamlessly transitioned to the online medium for various processes, and loan acquisition is no exception. The advent of digital banking and other online financial services has positively impacted urban and rural populations.

    The idea of physically going to the bank or the office of a non-banking financial company (NBFC) to deposit cash or obtain a loan is on the way to becoming obsolete with the digital ecosystem supporting people to conduct transactions and complete all the necessary processes from the comfort of their homes.

    Identity verification was perhaps the only process that wasn't deemed as possible through digital mediums till recently; however, the emergence and legitimization of video KYC has changed that. This article gives you a comprehensive insight into what video KYC is, the many advantages it offers, and how it puts forward a secure solution to expedite your loan acquisition process.

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    What is Video KYC?

    As a completely digital process, video KYC presents a variety of benefits, including:

    • Time-saving: The entire verification process can be completed in a matter of minutes and does not require you to visit the bank branch or lender’s office physically.
    • Paperless: Being a completely digital process, video KYC is an environment-friendly solution that also saves the cost of paper.
    • Device compatibility: No matter where you are or what device you own, as long as there is a working camera, the process can be executed seamlessly due to its ease and compatibility.
    • Cost-saving: Financial bodies can save customer on-boarding costs considerably, the benefits of which can then be passed on to the customer.
    • Customer experience: With video KYC, the entire loan application process can be completed digitally, enhancing the overall customer experience

    Video KYC: Is it Safe?

    While technology has made life convenient, it has also raised questions in terms of data security. Banking and loan processes require submitting a lot of sensitive information, the exposure of which can be concerning for business owners.

    Video verification makes use of artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to authenticate users. While the technology is accurate and completely secure, there are a few steps that you need to be aware of to keep your data safe at your end:

    • It is essential to check your video verification source link before you start. The verification prompt must come through a credible source (your bank or lender) via official SMS or email.
    • Another essential safeguard is to go through the redirected website that will host your video verification process. An HTTPS hyperlink would assure you an SSL certificate that protects all your sensitive data.
    • Once the verification process starts, you can ask to see the representative’s identification card to ascertain credibility.
    • You should be allowed to take screenshots during the process and receive a copy once the entire session is concluded.

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