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July 1, 2021

How to get an instant business loan?

    • July 1, 2021
    • By Team Kinara
    • 3 mins read

    Business Loans

    It is a simple fact that the more resources you have for your business, the more success, profitability and growth you will achieve. And an instant business loan is the ideal choice to provide capital for your company. You can get enough funds for working capital, keeping the business steady and handling everyday costs, such as paying for the infrastructure and salaries with the help of instant business loans. The rise of FinTech (Financial Technology) has made it easier and faster to get a loan. Want to understand how and why it is beneficial to apply for an instant business loan? Read on.

    What Exactly Is An Instant Business Loan With Kinara Capital?

    • 1. An instant business loan is a quick business loan
    • 2. It is offered within the shortest possible time
    • 3. Get your loan in 1 day
    • 4. The loan procedure is easy
    • 5. The loan requirements are minimal
    • 6. Here at Kinara Capital, we offer fast & flexible collateral-free loans for small businesses
    • 7. Avail loans from Rs. 1 lakh to 30 lakhs for working capital, asset purchase and other business expansion needs
    • 8. We exclusively serve Micro-Small-Medium-Enterprises (MSMEs) in manufacturing, trading and service sectors

    What Values Kinara Capital Brings To MSMEs:

    • Collateral-Free Small Business Loans - 90% of our customers are new to formal business credit.
    • Loan Disbursements in One Day - Tech enabled 1 day turnaround
    • Personalized and Multilingual Customer Service - Extensive support to educate you on financial terms, provide support in regional languages, and help you to digitize your data.

    Grow your business with collateral-free business loans

    Advantages of Instant Business Loans for MSMEs :

    For small businesses, instant business loans are often a safer choice. Some big advantages of seeking an instant business loan are:

    • You are not required to guarantee any property collateral while applying for an instant business loanfrom Kinara Capital
    • These loans will help fulfil your business requirements
    • Loan can be approved quickly

    Used for Different Purposes

    • You can take the loan for different purposes such as product or market expansion, supplier payment, stock purchase invoice financing and more
    • You can use the loan amount for the purchase of old or new machinery
    • You can fulfil your working capital needs

    Competitive Interest Rates

    Beneficial for Small Seasonal Business Owners

    • Especially helpful if your work is seasonal
    • There are times when you need to buy a large amount of inventory without any cash in hand, especially if you have a seasonal company. Slow seasons precede holiday or tourist season, making it even more necessary to get a loan to buy the stock before making a profit

    Small businesses need fast access to capital from time to time, whether it is to relieve seasonal pauses or to grow or hire more workers. kinara capital is here to support you and your small business. We see a financially inclusive world where every entrepreneur has equal access to capital by providing fast and flexible loans. Perhaps you've heard the proverb that you have to invest money to make money, and that is true. You have to invest in growth costs, such as inventory, labour charges, and property, if you want your business to expand.

    The challenge is that it can be tricky to cover all those costs in addition to the cost of operating your company, and it is sometimes hard to pay upfront for your business needs before your business sees further progress. It's a circular problem. Unless you invest, you can't grow, but how can you invest in your business while holding cash for operating costs in your company?

    costs in your company? The solution can be taking an instant business loan.

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