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March 27, 2021

How NBFCs are breaking financial barriers for MSMEs.

    • March 27, 2021
    • By Team Kinara
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    High collateral requirements and complex application procedures are among the main obstacles that MSMEs face while seeking capital. Due to the lack of details about the borrower's financial history, Kinara Capital relies on non-traditional parameters to assess the borrower's solvency. As a result, Kinara provide loans to businesses that are new to formal credit and have a flexible loan process.

    Furthermore, MSMEs difficulties in dealing with market uncertainty make it difficult to obtain funds through traditional channels. Banks are reluctant to offer them loans as the MSMEs can't adhere to their regulatory norms. Kinara understands the challenges faced by MSMEs (small and medium enterprises) and has been incremental in promoting and supporting them.

    Kinara Capital is the leading provider of small business loans in the range of Rs. 1-30 lakhs to the manufacturing, trading and services sectors in India, without taking any land or property collateral. We have more than 36,000 happy customers, and has impacted more than a million lives with economic growth. Kinara has the best loan products for all your business needs.

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    Let's have a look at how Kinara is breaking financial barriers for MSMEs

    • Primarily, challenges faced by MSMEs include lack of training and financial literacy. However, there are several issues, ranging from failing to keep adequate cash flow to affording collateral assets for loans. In general, many MSMEs are unable to access financial product suites and facilities due to a lack of collateral securities, ambiguous credit histories, and insufficient accounts and records.
    • Kinara Capital provides customer workshops to customers on information about Udyam registration, GST, net banking, cyber security and more.
    • Kinara Capital has a quick and transparent procedure to help budding entrepreneurs fulfil their dreams. We offer a quick eligibility check on our website. In addition, our loan officer will get in touch with you to assist you in your preferred language.
    • NBFCs like Kinara Capital, unlike banks, take a more flexible approach to obtain a business loan. We make it simple for customers to obtain quick and convenient financing.
    • Unlike bank loans, Kinara‚Äôs loan parameters are linked to external benchmarks. Kinara Capital has more transparent and relaxed plans for consumers with poor credit scores. This is a good approach to reducing the challenges faced by MSMEs.
    • NBFCs such as Kinara Capital have risen to prominence as a fantastic alternative to the conventional banking system. This happened due to their versatile financial procedure, which has provided the business owners with accurate business loan eligibility. In addition, have corrected and revolutionised the age-old business financing practices to benefit their clients more by lowering business loan interest rates. NBFCs have been game-changers for MSMEs and as they have been active in providing the much-needed financial assistance to small and large businesses across the country. NBFCs have proven themselves to be a great catalyst when it comes to reducing the challenges faced by MSMEs.

    With increased competition in the lending sector and the high cost of borrowing, every business player must be as flexible as possible in their practices. When it comes to credit services, modern borrowers are tech-savvy and have high-tech demands. Therefore, a more customer-friendly approach with technical integrations and improvements can offer a lending company an advantage over the competition. Kinara Capital hopes to increase their market share by providing various credit disbursement options to borrowers who have been turned down by traditional lending institutions.

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