Finance your unplanned expenses with a loan for traders without security

September 22, 2023
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If you are a small business entrepreneur looking to grow your company, you will need to take certain steps. Increasing the funding for your small business is one of the most crucial aspects of expansion. Every MSME requires funding for their business at some point in time. Without it, their business will not be able to reach its goals. In addition, this funding can be used to manage and finance the unplanned expenses that your company incurs. A loan from Kinara Capital can be the best solution for funding a small business.

Why are loans for traders without security important?

Kinara Capital offers loans for traders, without security or collateral. They are especially beneficial for small trading businesses that don’t own any property or assets. These loans are approved after the MSMEs have cleared the eligibility criteria. 

Here are some benefits of loans for traders without security via Kinara Capital:

  • Easy and Quick

Loans for traders without security are easily and readily accessible to small business entrepreneurs. Loans can be processed in less than 24 hours. Time is critical for trading businesses. By following just a few steps, these loans can be procured by trading MSMEs. 

  • Full control over business

Unsecured loans allow business owners to maintain full ownership and control of their company and assets. As a result, they help in maintaining liquidity in the business.

  • Doorstep customer service 

We understand how important an entrepreneur’s time is, which is why the entire loan process can be completed online. If an offline process is preferred, a Kinara loan officer will visit the business location for all documentation and loan processes. 

  • Minimum documentation

The documentation process is flexible, certain documents can be substituted depending on the loan application.

Grow your MSME with collateral-free business loans

Loan Options for MSMEs

Kinara Capital focuses on giving the best schemes for loans to small businesses. These types of loans are very versatile and flexible. They can fulfil the requirements of many different sectors of a business. For example, loans for traders without security can be used for daily operational expenses, expansion of the business premesis or products, modernization, increase the inventory etc. The business loans don’t have any hidden fees to make the experience even more user friendly. 

Kinara Capital offers a great range of loan solutions to MSMEs in the manufacturing, trading and services sectors. These different types of loans cover various kinds of requirements. Here are some loan options that are made available by Kinara Capital:

1. Working Capital Loan

This is a type of loan for traders without security. The company gets funding to meet the daily financial and operational requirements that they may face. It helps lend liquidity to a company before cash flows come in. 

  • Can be used to fund operational expenses like paying salaries, buying raw materials and renovating the business premises.
  • Helps manage new business opportunities
  • These are short term loans with a tenure of 12-60 months
  • Interest rates starts from 24% P.A. (on a reducing rate basis)

2. Assets Purchase Loan

Under this unsecured loan type, small manufacturing businesses are offered a term loan to expand their business further. This can be utilized in the purchase of new or used machinery or other assets for business use. 

3. HerVikas Loan Scheme

HerVikas scheme by Kinara Capital is a type of loan for traders without security that benefits women. Women entrepreneurs can now procure business loans at an upfront discount. 

We hope this guide has made it clear that unsecured loans are the future for funding and growth of small businesses. The sky is the limit for small businesses with the help of Kinara Capital’s loans. So, apply for a collateral-free business loan today!

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