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June 12, 2021

Comprehensive guide on small business loans for women

    • June 12, 2021
    • By Team Kinara
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    There is an increasing need for women entrepreneurs in India to promote our economy's balanced growth. The growing role of women as entrepreneurs will lead to a shift in the country's market and economic development. Women-owned businesses play an important role in inspiring all sections of society and help to create more job opportunities in the country. But the path for women entrepreneurs has not been easy. India has been amongst countries where women entrepreneurs (and women leaders and professionals) have struggled with less favourable conditions, strong cultural biases, and lack of business tools such as small business loans for women, capital, education, and growth opportunities.

    We at Kinara Capital are strong advocates of gender parity. We are one of India's very few financial services companies founded and led by a woman entrepreneur. We aim at encouraging women to start their businesses by breaking all stereotypes. Women own only 14% of India's businesses at the moment, and we aim to increase this number.

    How Can Small Business Loans for Women Be Helpful?

    • You need money to support your small company, whether you're taking your MSME to the next level or making operational changes.
    • When you don't have available funds, small business loans are the quickest option.
    • You can apply for small business loans for women to increase your cash flow, buy costly machinery & stock.
    • It is very difficult for small business owners to get money/loan from banks.
    • NBFCs are a better option than banks for small businesses.
    • NBFCs offer different forms of loans, varying from asset purchase loans to loans for working capital.

    Business Loans for Women with an upfront 1% discount

    Types of Small Business Loans for Women

    • Working Capital Loans
    • A working capital loan enables you to fulfil your company's daily activities without any financial problems.
    • These small business loans for women are very useful for:
    • Purchasing raw materials or stock
    • Making advance payments to vendors or suppliers
    • Renovation of Business Premises
    • Hiring Seasonal or Part-Time Workers
    • Product or Market Expansion of Business

    Business Loans for Asset Purchase

    • These loans are given for the purchase of machinery or other assets.
    • This can be a new machine or second-hand machine .
    • These loans can be applied online
    • The tenure of these loans varies between 12- 60 months

    Kinara Capital offers interest rates starting at 21% per annum, on a reducing rate basis

    HerVikas By Kinara Capital

    • HerVikas is an effort at empowering women entrepreneurs.
    • The advantage is an upfront 1% discount on interest costs of the MSME loan
    • Women applicants need not provide any additional documents for getting this loan.

    "Everyone definitely has an idea. We need to show courage and execute it. Only then will it happen. Kinara Capital supported us with the HerVikas loan, which boosted our business growth."

    - Shyamala

    "Women must step outside and learn how to do business. If you make up your mind, then all solutions can be found. Kinara Capital has a very good offer with HerVikas to help women business owners like me."

    - Fathima Bai

    Eligibility Criteria for Small Business Loan for Women:

    • Manufacturing business needs to be established for 12 months at the time of the application.
    • Trading and services related business must be established for a minimum of 24 months at the time of application.
    • The business needs to have a turnover of at least Rs 50,000.
    • Requested loan amount should be between Rs 50,000 and Rs 30,00,000.

    Women have inspirational motives behind launching a company and can set an example for others with their powerful entrepreneurial skills. When women think about changing the future, pursuing your dreams is the only way to do it. If you aspire to be a successful entrepreneur, you are on the right track to make a difference.

    Remember, the Future is Female!

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