Kinara Capital, a brand of Visage Holdings and Finance Private Limited (NBFC) is a Bangalore based social business that provides debt capital loans in the range of Rs 2 lakhs to 25 lakhs ($3000-$30,000) to micro-small-medium enterprises (MSMEs) through an innovative supply-chain financing model. Kinara works with network partners (buyers, trade organizations, franchisors, etc.) across supply chains to source and fund MSMEs. By plugging into supply chains, we build systemic trust with the borrowers to manage risk and create a low cost/high leverage model by growing with our partners.


Kinara Capital provides term loans for asset purchase, working capital loans and line of credit (receivables financing facility) to producers and providers across the value chain for asset purchase or working capital needs. Our custom risk assessment methodology, flexible product terms, customer-centric processes and supply chain integration enable us to complete the loan process and disburse the funds in 5-7 days, much faster than the industry average of 45-60 days. 

PurposeAsset Purchase or
Working Capital
Working Capital
Loan AmountMax 10LacsMax 75% of Invoice Value
Loan Tenor12 – 60 months3 – 12 months
Interest Rate26% – 28% (calculated monthly)26% – 28% (calculated daily)
Repayment MethodEquated Monthly InstallmentBullet Payment
CollectionPost Dated ChequesCollected from the Borrower/Buyer


Kinara Capital loans have impacted half a million lives and directly led to the creation of 10,000 new jobs, including for first-time earners and women.

By providing access to capital for MSMEs, Kinara Capital  increases entrepreneur incomes, drives job creation, and helps create sustainable businesses leading to livelihood improvement and economic development. We measure our social impact by capturing the baseline data at the time of application and conducting periodic checkpoints across the loan cycle to capture the changes. On average, each loan from Kinara Capital generates 2-3 net new jobs and improves income by 15%-25%.  

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