Kinara Capital Employee Spotlight – Satish V

April 2, 2023
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Kinara Capital is one of the leading last-mile MSME lenders in India. By providing fast and flexible collateral-free business loans, Kinara provides financing to thousands of small business entrepreneurs. This RBI Registered Systemically Important NBFC extends its hands to MSME entrepreneurs to upgrade their businesses in the best manner. Kinara’s has an industry expert team who builds innovative solutions to support MSME owners. 

Kinara also offers numerous opportunities for employees to learn and grow within the company. The company treats every employee equally and does everything to lead the right way for them to climb the ladder of success in their career. Here is the story of Satish V, an employee of Kinara Capital who had a fabulous journey at Kinara. Let’s get to know what difference Kinara made in his career.

Satish’s Journey at Kinara Capital

Satish V is a sincere and hard-working employee of Kinara who joined the company in 2017. Since then, he has been an inseparable part of the Credit team. In the past 5 years, he had successfully managed the product and credit process. When we asked him about what he likes the most about his job, he explained that it is the challenge in his job role. He likes analysing the data and bringing in changes that would reduce the risk factor. He also said Kinara provided him a lot of opportunities, which helped him learn more and be more confident to face the challenges.

Best Work Experience at Kinara Capital

When we asked for the best experience at Kinara, Satish described that he had plenty of great experiences in the company, which he could not even count. But when we insisted, he shared one experience and that was, during the pandemic, his team had introduced a new LOS wherein product, process, and workflow were supposed to be managed. He had been a part of it and ensured he had successfully completed it. He was so proud of himself and his team for this.

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Hobbies and Interests

Satish was delighted when he described his favourite hobby. Travelling is something he does frequently. His favourite destination is Coorg, which is called the Scotland of India and the Kashmir of South India. He explains that it is very close to travel and it takes only 4 hours to reach Coorg from Bengaluru. He really enjoys the environment and vibe there. Coorg is one of South India’s most popular and easily accessible hill stations.

Other than his interest in travelling to Coorg, he is a mechanical enthusiast and he loves doing mechanical work. His favourite hobby to do in his free time when he is not working is fixing his bike. 

Flexibility, work-life balance and the freedom to take up anything that employees like are what Satish cites as his favourite aspects of the company. He adds that, “Any employee can reach out to any department to learn about any process. I am proud to be part of Kinara Capital. Thank you for all the opportunities. ” He was so happy and thankful when he completed his sentence.

Satish is one of the best employees of Kinara Capital. While going through his interactive story, you may feel compelled to get to know more about Kinara Capital and its work culture. Kinara provides equal opportunities for all its employees to grow and thrive. 

Kinara employees will not return home disappointed. The company will make every effort to support each employee and bring out the best in them. They assist their team in stepping outside of their comfort zones and learning from their mistakes. They are free to go to any department and learn whatever that piques their interest.

If you want to join this wonderful team of Kinara, here is your best chance. Check the career page of Kinara Capital and apply for the positions that interest you according to your qualifications. You may also give a missed call to 080-68264454. Our in-house customer support team will call you back to clarify all your doubts and queries. Grab this amazing opportunity to accelerate your career to the next level.

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