Kinara Capital Employee Spotlight - Santhosh Kumar Y.

April 3, 2023
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There are various advantages for both employers and employees if the association between the two is a long-term one. For employees, it paves the way for career advancement and professional development. As they gain more experience and knowledge within the organization, they have the opportunity to take on more responsibilities or to move into leadership roles.

Staying with a company long-term also provides employees with a sense of belonging and connection to the organization and its culture. It also gives them the opportunity to build strong relationships with their colleagues and to contribute to the success of the organization. This leads to increased job satisfaction and a sense of fulfilment as well as accomplishment on both a personal and professional level. 

It's a matter of great pride for a company to be able to become the employer that employees view not as a stepping stone, but as a partner in growth. At Kinara, many employees stay for the long term, and it allows not only for career growth, but also personal fulfilment and a sense of ownership for them.

Santhosh’s Journey at Kinara

Santhosh Kumar Y. joined Kinara Capital more than 6 years ago as an executive in the Business Operations and Customer Care Team. 

He is a vintage employee of Kinara and has grown with the company over the years. He was the first person to be recruited for the team, and started out sharing space with the Accounts team when the company was still at a relatively nascent stage, and has since witnessed the growth of the team, as well as Kinara as a whole.

Over the 6 years that followed, his team has grown to be 35+strong and from just a Service team, has expanded to include a Sales and a Collections vertical too.

Best Experience Working at Kinara Capital

Santhosh has gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience, and has been promoted from his Service role to that of a Senior Manager handling the Collections aspect of the team's responsibilities. 

His work involved coordinating with Regional Managers, Divisional Heads, and State Heads across the board in order to manage the customer care aspect of collections. He works with his team to figure out what works best for each customer, and works towards resolving any issues that arise along the way. He considers this the best part of his job, because it requires both strategy and tactful communication.

He shares, "My team and I vary pitch and modulation to suit the needs of different customers and scenarios. I love this part of my job because it requires me to strategize, but also think on my feet. Kinara has provided me with an excellent platform for professional growth, and the freedom and opportunities I have received here are unmatched."

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Interests and Hobbies

Santhosh is an ace keyboard player trained in a variety of musical genres, from Carnatic to western. Before he joined Kinara, he used to be a professional musician, and performed at various events with his band. Even though he doesn’t do it full-time anymore, he still loves playing the keyboard whenever he gets the chance.

His favourite destination to visit is Egypt, because he’s fascinated by the ancient pyramids and their rich history.He also looks forward to exploring the culture of the country, and the legacy of the more than 5000-year old civilization. 

If Santhosh’s enriching journey at Kinara inspires you to explore opportunities at the company yourself, the timing is perfect! Kinara is in the process of hiring 700+ employees across 100+ cities in the headquarters and 125 other branches. To make the most of this amazing opportunity, visit the Kinara Capital careers page and find yourself a role that will give you the growth and job satisfaction you want.

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