Kinara Capital Employee Spotlight – Raju K

April 3, 2023
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Kinara Capital is a fast-growing fintech company with 1400+ employees; has helped thousands of MSME entrepreneurs in India. The company has an innovation approach and a solutions-oriented mindset about making continuous improvements in the products and processes. 

The company believes in creating a healthy work environment and takes measures for a balanced work life. Employee spotlight is a platform which recognizes and appreciates hard work and dedication shown by Kinara employees. This week we cover the story of one such employee who tells us what a strong impact team Kinara has created with not just their mission and vision but the core values of the company and how Kinara has given the opportunity to upskill and learn.

Raju’s Journey at Kinara Capital

Raju started his career at Kinara recently as a software developer. He always had an interest in developing applications and a keen interest in using various software. When he learnt about this job opportunity at Kinara, he knew it would be a perfect fit as he enjoys working with colleagues and finding the best solutions that meet business requirements. 

Raju’s job includes interacting  with all the different teams and departments learning the inputs and perspectives of users further finding solutions to ease the use of the software. Upon finding solutions he does user acceptance testing for the application developed and once the management is happy with the results it is demonstrated to the users and training sessions are also conducted by him.

He feels very proud as he receives appreciation from his management for showcasing his talent and the other departments appreciate him for making the software user-friendly. Within a short span of time Raju has been recognised for the work done and he strives hard to achieve more as the opportunity arises.

Opportunities at Kinara Capital

Raju adds that Kinara has provided the chance to upskill and explore new opportunities. The learning and development team takes initiative to include sessions for the employees to expand their knowledge and learn more. Whereas the talent team conducts fun and cultural activities for the employees to provide a stress-free environment. This also helps them interact with their colleagues apart from work related things. Raju feels very supported by the management as they give ideas and feedback to improvise continuously and peers who have made it easy to work.

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Interests and Hobbies

Raju’s favorite places are Maldives and Thailand, given the chance he would want to visit those places soon. He loves to skate and in his free time he volunteers to teach kids how to skate. He also likes mimicry, art and craft and enjoys watching movies with his family members. 

Raju shares, “At Kinara I like 5 core values that are Impact, Initiate, Integrity, Inclusive and Inspire, along with the vision and mission of the company where we help entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams. I am very proud to be a part of Kinara as we have a very good work culture here. Along with work we have multiple cultural activities and events are organized so that the work life is balanced”.

Kinara has recently made an announcement of adding 700 employees across 90+ cities in their headquarters as well as 125 branches bringing out multiple opportunities to work in the stress-free environment and to upskill. Check out the job postings on the careers page and join Team Kinara to build a career in one of India’s fast-growing RBI registered NBFCs.

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