Kinara Capital Employee Spotlight – Lakshmidevi Vasanthappa

April 2, 2023
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Kinara Capital is a leading fintech company in India that promotes MSME financial inclusion. It provides business loans without the need for any property collateral which helped numerous MSME entrepreneurs to realise their dream and grow their businesses. One of the fastest growing firms in the nation, Kinara supports its customers as well as employees along the way to development. 

As an employee-friendly organisation, Kinara provides an equal opportunity to its employees. This RBI Registered Systemically important company will never turn back from encouraging its valuable employees to grow along with the company. Kinara has a group of dedicated professionals and every week they will recognise and appreciate one employee through the employee spotlight platform. This week, we cover one such employee and let’s get to know what impact Kinara has created in her life.

Lakshmidevi’s Journey at Kinara Capital

Lakshmidevi Vasanthappa has joined Kinara in 2021 as Talent Acquisition Officer. Within the first year of her employment, she was promoted to the position of Talent Acquisition Analyst due to her exceptional dedication and diligence. It is a clear indication of the amount of effort she has put in to get here in a year.

Best Work Experience at Kinara Capital

Lakshmidevi’s routine task is to handle the requirements of Tamil Nadu and take care of other responsibilities like onboarding and vendor management. When we asked her to describe her best work experience she said that she enjoys expanding her knowledge and taking new responsibilities within the team. 

Daily interaction with the candidates and educating them about Kinara and its workplace culture is something Lakshmidevi enjoys. Another intriguing aspect of her profession is that she always motivates the candidates to succeed in their respective roles.

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Hobbies and Interests

Lakshmidevi loves to travel, so when we asked her where her favourite place to go was, she immediately said the Himalayas. This indicated how eager she was to go to the land of the snow soon. The Himalayas are a stunning location that many hikers and adventurers want to visit at least once in their lifetime.

She enjoys playing Kabaddi as a hobby in addition to travelling. Kabbadi is one of the most well-liked indigenous games played throughout India. Lakshmidevi, a national-level player, participated in the 2012 Senior National Championship. We could see how thrilled she was as she spoke in detail about her achievement.

We also questioned her about her favourite show, cartoon character, one new thing she learned last month, and other amusing things. She said that her favourite movie is Two States and that she enjoys watching Mr. Bean in her leisure time. Taking on new responsibilities and prioritising things accordingly is the one lesson she acquired last month.

Our last question for Lakshmidevi was what she likes the most about Kinara. She replied, “”Kinara is the ideal place to work with because our management is really supportive.” They always acknowledge and value each employee’s work. They will provide us with several chances to grow daily and learn from our mistakes. This support motivates us to take on increasingly challenging tasks. They also offer a variety of workshops and training programs for the employees’ professional development. I’m incredibly proud to work for Kinara. Thankyou Kinara!

Kinara Capital is an employee-centric organisation with a work culture based on inclusivity, flexibility and transparency. They have a stress-free environment to work and provide multiple opportunities to upskill. Kinara Capital has transformed the life of several employees by providing all the assistance needed to learn and develop. Every employee of Kinara receives the best and most excellent learning opportunities. The company’s “open door” policy enables employees to interact and engage with one another across departments, including the leadership, without any barriers.

You might have been inspired to join Kinara Capital by the story of Lakhmidevi. Then, there are various opportunities for you to explore. Visit Kinara Capital’s careers page to locate the perfect position that matches your interests and qualifications.

To find out if you qualify for a business loan, download the myKinara app. If you have any additional questions, you can leave a missed call at 080-68264454, and one of our in-house customer support team will get in touch with you to help you through the decision-making process and payment.

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