Kinara Capital Employee Spotlight: Dnyaneshwar Madke

April 3, 2023
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Kinara Capital is a fast-growing fintech and an RBI registered Systemically Important NBFC in India. Kinara’s aim is to empower people not only the customers but also the employees. With an open room for the employees to grow, Kinara motivates its employees and provides equal opportunities to discover and build values.

Employee spotlight is one such platform that encourages the employees to share their ideas, interests and experience of working with Kinara Capital. To showcase the talent our team embraces we bring another story of building oneself with the core values of the company for 6 years, joining as Branch Credit Analyst to reaching the position of Divisional Credit Head. Here is the journey of one such employee who is extremely dedicated and self-motivated.

Dnyaneshwar Madke’s Journey at Kinara Capital

What does job satisfaction look like? For one Kinara employee, it’s a combination of the joy of seeing customers grow, and his own professional growth trajectory, both of which have been unmatched since he joined. 

Dnyaneshwar Madke joined Kinara Capital in 2016 as a Branch Credit Analyst officer located in Aurangabad. Later was promoted as a Regional Divisional officer in Gujarat and currently is working as the Divisional Head Credit Officer in Maharashtra. He has bagged a promotion nearly every year, going from Branch Credit Analyst, all the way to Divisional Credit Head. 

Dnyaneshwar has always been fascinated to meet and interact with new people. He likes to listen to innovative ideas shared by the customers, also learning more about their business and how his job can help the customers achieve their dreams and prosper. During his incredible journey at Kinara Capital, he has almost approved loans worth INR- 50 crores so far. As a credit officer he meets various customers with so many different approaches which takes him by surprise.  

It is always a proud moment for him when he sees his customers grow after the support given by Kinara. The feeling is overwhelming when the customers are happy with the service

provided which helps their business grow with higher turnovers and the special moment shared between them when they share their story. This opportunity to connect directly and experience customer journeys motivates him to reach out and help more customers and enable their small businesses to grow strength to strength.

Best Experience of Working at Kinara Capital

Dnyaneshwar’s job mainly includes estimating and approving business loans for various purposes. Among many other customers, there was one application with turnover of INR 2 lakh and this application was approved by him which later had a turnover of INR 20 lakh along with many new hires as the business expanded. He also shares with us that during COVID-19, there was one incident where the nominee was facing issues in receiving the documents from the insurance board. He volunteered and co-ordinated with the insurance board to help him receive the documents. 

To be a part of and witness such an amazing journey of different customers and seeing them happy and satisfied keeps him motivated and happy in his job every day. It is a great moment when customers share their success and thank him wholeheartedly.

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Interests and Hobbies

Dnyaneshwar likes to visit his farm land in his free time and embrace the positive energy. Being the son of a farmer, he likes farming and to have known how hard farmers work inspires him to push harder and achieve more. He also loves to spend time with his kid who is only 5 years old, playing with him and teaching him new things to keep him curious about little things happening around him. 

Furthermore, he adds that Kinara Capital creates a huge impact not only for customers but also for employees. Kinara has given him both professional and financial success, even allowing him to invest in assets and improve his standard of living. 

Dnyaneshwar’s journey brings out his satisfaction and joy of working at Kinara Capital. A recent announcement of adding 700 employees across 90+ cities in their headquarters as well as 125 branches has opened the door of opportunities to work in a healthy and dedicated environment. Check out the job offers on the careers page and join the rapidly growing NBFC.

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