Kinara Capital Employee Spotlight – Barot Hemang Ghanshyambhai

April 2, 2023
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Kinara Capital is a socially responsible fintech company engaged in driving growth and financial inclusion for small business entrepreneurs in India. Kinara does this by providing easy-to-access, collateral-free business loans to MSMEs to facilitate their expansion and improve their operations. Kinara is an RBI-registered Systemically Important NBFC dedicated to creating a positive social impact for both customers and employees.

The company has an equal opportunity environment and believes in complete transparency. It also encourages the spirit of collaboration between employees across the board, ensuring that anyone can explore a new area of interest unhindered. 

One big draw for many Kinara employees is the amazing socio-economic impact the company is able to achieve for small business entrepreneurs, and the extremely positive customer response that follows. In this week’s employee spotlight, we meet a Kinara employee from Gujarat who loves his job because it lets him help small business entrepreneurs with financing support, and he can see them flourish afterwards.

Hemang’s Journey at Kinara

Hemang Barot joined Kinara Capital in the year 2019 and in the 3 years since then, he has helped numerous small business entrepreneurs get the capital support they needed to grow their businesses. In fact, that has come to be his favourite part of the job. 

He has seen entrepreneurs with small businesses struggle to get financing from anywhere without demands for collateral or unscrupulous lending practices. When one of these business owners finally meets Kinara representatives and gets an understanding of how collateral-free MSME loans work, the transformation begins! 

Their business as well as standard of living shifts significantly and many often hire more people thus creating local jobs in their community. Hemang appreciates the supportive environment at Kinara which has helped him grow professionally. He has come to think of his managers and colleagues as family and is motivated to learn something new from them daily. He looks forward to putting in the hard work it takes to efficiently manage a branch because he knows that his efforts are truly acknowledged and appreciated at Kinara.

Best Experience of Working at Kinara Capital

Hemang’s best experiences at Kinara are connected with his efforts to help entrepreneurs with very small businesses become successful business owners with thriving operations, raking in significantly better turnovers than they did previously. 

He narrates the story of one particular entrepreneur with a tiny business, who had failed to secure the financing he needed from any other source, since he neither had collateral nor a huge company. When Kinara approached him and offered him a small loan, he was pleasantly surprised and welcomed the offer. As he invested the loan amount in his company, his business stabilized and he was able to exponentially increase his turnover. This was a source of a great deal of pride and joy for Hemang. 

He says, “I saw our loans completely alter the course of his business and life. It made me so happy to know that Kinara was instrumental in making his dreams come true.

Grow your MSME with collateral-free business loans

Interests and Hobbies

As Hemang opened up about his interests and hobbies, a free-spirited, peace-loving personality shone through. He loves taking off on long drives whenever he can, taking in the freshness and beauty of nature.

He is also a history buff, reveling in the ancient tradition and architecture of places like Ujjain, which always tell a story. The other reason he loves visiting Ujjain is the beautiful Mahadev temple. Not only does the inspiring architecture make him pause and think of the rich history of the temple, but he also loves how much peace it brings him.

Hemang has thoroughly enjoyed his 3 years at Kinara, learning and growing along the way. He thanks Kinara for the many opportunities he has received over time, and concludes by saying “I like being part of Kinara. Thank you, Kinara!”

Hemang’s enriching journey with Kinara is sure to make you feel like exploring opportunities to become part of team Kinara yourself. The timing is perfect, because Kinara is in the process of hiring 700+ employees across 100+ cities in the headquarters and 125 other branches. A huge opportunity awaits you, visit the Kinara Capital careers page and get yourself a role that will give you the job satisfaction you want.

Kinara Capital an RBI-registered NBFC has disbursed 75000+ loans worth INR 3000+ crores to date. Kinara with its services across 3000+ pin-codes provides collateral-free business loans to small business owners. To get a business loan check your eligibility in the myKinara app in the Google PlayStore in your preferred vernacular from the 7 language options available, a business loan is now also available just a missed call away. Give a missed call on 080-68264454 and go from decision to disbursement within 24 hours.

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