Kinara’s primary purpose is to create systematic social impact by supporting the small business eco-system in India.  We do this by crafting products and solutions with the small business owner at the centre. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us.


We will work with you to design the best affordable solution for your need whether you need to purchase used machinery or short term work capital.


Our sales and risk team will visit you at your place of work to complete all the steps of the loan process creating minimal impact to your work day.


With our customised technology and processes, we can complete the entire process in 7-10 days with the loan disbursed to you.


We understand that many businesses do not have land/property to pledge or the  the loan need is much lower to the value of the land. We do not require your land/property to be mortgaged to us in order for you to take a loan.

Watch it here : The Kinara Story

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