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April 2, 2023
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Kinara Capital is a last-mile lending fintech company in India which established to provide underserved entrepreneurs with top-notch customer service. Kinara hires new employees every year to find individuals who want to live a purpose-driven life and make a remarkable difference in other’s life advancing the objective of financial inclusion. It is one of the organisations proudly led by a women-majority management team and has ensured gender parity in every single department.

Kinara never forgets to appreciate and recognise its employees’ hard work and best performances. So, this week we introduce Shivakumar, one of the star employees of Kinara, through the employee spotlight forum.

Shivakumar’s Journey at Kinara

Shivakumar joined Kinara Capital in 2016 as a loan officer. He was very curious to learn new skills, and his hardworking nature helped him get promoted to the role of branch manager in 2021. For the past year, he has been serving as the head of the Mysore hub.

Best Work Experience

Shivakumar had a great customer experience in the past 5.5 years. When we asked him the best among them, he explained a situation where he helped a customer from Mysore soon after he had joined. The customer wanted to grow his business but ran out of funds. So he tried his best to get a loan but could not get financing from any other bank or NBFC. 

Shivakumar decided to give the customer a business loan. After checking the eligibility of his company, Shivakumar issued the loan, and the customer’s business started growing. Later, the company were also able to employ more people. Since then, the customer has taken several more loans from Kinara, which has led them to reach many new heights. Shivakumar said he was so happy to see the company grow. 

Shivakumar is very well at handling and motivating his team. He likes passing the knowledge regarding the company policies and updates down the line to the on-ground employees and coordinating between the branches. He is also happy with the equations between the employees and their managers.

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Hobbies and Interests

Shivakumar often travels, and his favourite destination is MM Hills (Male Mahadeshwara Hills). It is around 100km away from his hometown. He visits the place at least once a month, seeks the deity’s blessings, and finds himself in a better frame of mind on his every visit. 

He spends his leisure time watching movies and listening to music, especially Kannada songs. He also likes to go off on long rides on his bike. 

Shivakumar states, “work-life balance, job opportunities, and equality are the three points I like most about Kinara. Kinara provides plenty of job opportunities, and I got promoted from loan officer to branch head. There is quite a good work-life balance. Since I joined Kinara, I haven’t found work stressful as I plan my tasks according to the targets set by the company. Also, I receive all the necessary benefits to help me reach my targets. Thank you for the opportunity. I love Kinara. Thank you, Kinara!”

Kinara Capital is one of the best employee-friendly companies in India, considering all its employees as its valuable assets. All the employees of Kinara will get efficient support from the company to learn and improve in their careers. Kinara encourages employees to work in a flexible environment by providing several employee-friendly policies. Kinara Capital announced recently that they would be adding 700 employees in their 125 branches and headquarters across 100+ cities in India. 

Sivakumar’s story might have inspired you to work in such a great environment. Then, you are one step away from your dream career. Look at the career page on Kinara Capital’s official website and find a job that suits your skills and career. It might be the beginning of an amazing journey. Don’t miss the wonderful opportunity to rise high in your career. You can also give a missed call to 080-68264454 if you have any further queries or doubts. Kinara’s in-house customer support team will reach out to you and clear all your queries. 

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