Employee Spotlight – Rachit Gupta

April 3, 2023
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Kinara Capital is a fast growing fintech company and has been encouraging their employees by creating an inclusive environment with diversity, innovation and a room to grow without any bias. Understanding the vision and mission of the company plays an important role as it showcases how Kinara strives to create an impact and grow further. Being led by a strong leadership, employees are highly motivated to support the customers and innovative way of doing business and are encouraged to make improvements through new and fresh ideas. 

Kinara believes in giving every employee an equal opportunity and discovering and building strong core values. Team Kinara believes every employee will excel and has exceptional talent to help create an impact. This week we cover the story of one such exceptional employee from the Finance team who not only believed in Kinara’s mission and vision but contributed to create an impact on these core value systems.

Rachit Gupta’s 3 Years Journey at Kinara Capital

Rachit Gupta has been a part of Kinara family for the last 3 years in the Financial and Automation team. He has been handling the financial reporting as well as the external auditing at Kinara Capital. He also works on the RBI reporting for the company along with his peers. 

Rachit has always been eager to learn more in order to develop his skills and working here has helped Rachit open doors for skill enhancement and growth. With this chance to gain more knowledge, he highlights that he gained knowledge and experienced the best of both worlds as he deals with both internal and external stakeholders. 

The process of financial auditing and regulatory financial compliance is complex and there are changes every day. Keeping a track of them and ensuring everything is done in order is a task that all financial auditors have to do. For Rachit, interacting with the regulators and auditors often gives him technical know-how and he finds it very interesting to understand how they handle the work and it’s fascinating for him to analyse their mind set. Working at Kinara is stress free and has given him a lot of wonderful memories to cherish and keeps making new ones everyday working here.

Best Experience of Working at Kinara Capital

Rachit details that one of the best experiences from him at Kinara Capital was the one time when the entire team was working on shifting to the NDS system and they all pulled an all-nighter at the office. Although they had to stay up all night it was a fun experience with the team as they accomplished the work successfully and had a lot of fun working along with all his teammates.

Rachit describes the best thing about working in Kinara Capital is the people and says, “The best thing I like about Kinara Capital is the ‘People’. Right from the top to the bottom of the pyramid, the management is accessible and they support us a lot. And when you work in such kind of an environment, it gives you the freedom and flexibility that help you reach your goals.”

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Interests and Hobbies

Rachit loves the mountains and has a travel bug. He loves going on long drives and his bucket list of mountainous terrains to travel and explore includes Leh and Ladakh. He loves the outdoors and is very passionate about travelling. He is also extremely intrigued in developing skills that add value to his life.  

He further adds that if someone is determined to add value and work in a free and flexible environment that provides ample opportunities to grow and enhance skill sets, Kinara capital is the place to be. 

Rachit’s journey gave a little insight about working at Kinara Capital. Kinara Capital recently announced that they would be adding 700 employees across 90+ cities in their headquarters and 125 branches. Check out the job postings on the careers page and join Team Kinara to forge a career in one of India’s leading RBI registered NBFCs.

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