Employee Spotlight – Narasimha Murthy Dukkolu

April 12, 2023
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Impact-oriented organizations go beyond the traditional approach of offering remuneration and career growth to their employees. These organizations understand that employees are not just motivated by financial rewards but also seek a sense of purpose and fulfilment in their work. By aligning their mission with a larger purpose of driving positive change in the world, impact-oriented organizations provide employees with a deeper sense of meaning and satisfaction. When employees are part of an organization that is making a difference in the world, they are more likely to feel a sense of pride and ownership in their work. They understand that their efforts contribute to a greater cause and have a positive impact on society or the environment. 

This sense of purpose and fulfilment can lead to increased employee engagement, motivation, and loyalty, resulting in higher levels of job satisfaction and productivity. Moreover, impact-oriented organizations often foster a collaborative and inclusive work culture that encourages innovation, creativity, and diversity of thought. Employees are empowered to contribute their unique perspectives and ideas to help further the organization’s mission. This not only promotes a sense of belonging and inclusivity among employees but also encourages personal and professional growth as they are exposed to new challenges and opportunities. For many Kinara employees, it is this combination of fulfilment and growth that draws them to the company. For field employees in particular, their job satisfaction levels remain high as they meet and help small business entrepreneurs, and are often reminded by happy customers of the difference their support has made.

Narasimha’s Journey at Kinara

Narasimha Murthy Dukkolu joined Kinara 3 years ago and has since been dedicated to reaching out to an increasingly larger section of small business entrepreneurs to support them through financing. When he found out about Kinara, he did his due diligence and realized that it was a fast-growing company that was driving positive socio-economic change by providing collateral-free loans to MSMEs. This unique model drew him to the company, as did the fact that he saw the significant growth prospects Kinara offered as an employer. 

Since he joined the company, he has assumed a range of responsibilities, from finding leads, approaching customers, and explaining to them about Kinara’s loans. He also follows up with them, getting a thorough understanding of the business, and helping them through the process of securing a loan.

Best Experience Working at Kinara Capital

He shares, “One of my best experiences at Kinara has been helping a customer who used the financing support to open 2 new branches of his business. He is still so grateful for our help that every time I visit him, he makes it a point to tell me that none of this would have been possible without my help and Kinara’s support. I love the field aspect of my work because it involves meeting customers on a regular basis, getting to understand their businesses, and tailoring my support and guidance to their needs. Since we went fully digital, I’m able to achieve disbursements of Rs. 1 crore every month. In some quarters, this number climbs to Rs. 1.5-2 crores. I consider that my greatest achievement!”

Interests and Hobbies

Narasimha is an ace volleyball player. He has been playing since he was very young, and even now, he makes it a point to meet up with his childhood friends whenever he can to play a good, hearty match. Not only does it help him stay fit and active, it’s also an opportunity to share some quality time with old friends, and has become a bonding ritual for them over time. 

His favourite destination is Goa, with its beautiful beaches, lush greenery and relaxed ambience, which is perfect for a vacation.

If Narasimha’s enriching journey at Kinara inspires you to explore opportunities at the company yourself, the timing is perfect! With the presence of Kinara Capital in 100+ cities, visit our careers page to check out career opportunities. 

Kinara Capital is a socially responsible fintech company dedicated to servicing the severely underserved MSME industry in India with easy access to formal credit. Kinara offers collateral-free business loans to small business entrepreneurs across 6 states and a union territory through its network of 125 branches across 100+ cities. Joining Kinara Capital would not only open doors for professional growth but also offer job satisfaction and a sense of belonging, given the culture the company fosters.

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