• Bengaluru
  • Sales & Collections
  • Report to: COO

Job Responsibilities:


  • Leads and manages all activities within the sales department, inclusive of account management, operations, customer support and field marketing.

  • Sets departmental KPIs and evaluates the effectiveness of the sales initiatives, making appropriate changes that encourage achievement of overall sales and business targets.

  • Mentor key personnel in the sales department, ensuring their constant professional growth, and assisting them in the execution of their duties where necessary


  • Spearheads the sales department’s strategy development initiatives, ensuring that they remain consistent with the business’s overall strategy.

  • Increase sales revenue through the design and implementation of appropriate strategies for the each of the business’s verticals, sales channels, and services.

  • Designs, implements, and manages the business’s sales process, ranging from relationship development and contract finalization.

  • Execute efficiently with a view of selling the business’s full range of products/services in order to achieve the business’s revenue targets.


  • Conduct business analyses, performance analyses, competitive analyses etc.

  • Track and reviews actual sales results, weighing them against the set targets and business KPIs in order to determine the effectiveness of sales initiatives and implement necessary changes and solutions.

  • Forecasting and monitoring sales performance and business compliance.

  • Articulates the results of the analyses in reports, presentations, and recommendations to key stakeholders.

  • Synthesizes reports for financial feasibility studies in order to determine sales growth and revenue targets for the sales department.

Knowledge and Opportunity:

  • Maintains a stable knowledge base of the business’s industry, competitors, and regulatory activity.

  • Conducts regular research, keeps up with trends and best practices, which give the business a competitive edge, and keep the business at par with some of the biggest players in the market.

  • Implements new and well-researched sales initiatives, strategies, and solutions.

  • Identifies top talent and contributes to the recruitment of key sales department personnel, hence, maintaining efficient and effective execution of duties within the sales department.


  • Establish relationships with key personnel within the business’s market.

  • Maintain long term relationships with key consumers, potential consumers, and key strategic partners.

  • Negotiating sales and business development transactions inclusive of licenses, transaction agreements, subscription agreements, and partnerships.


  • Works closely with other executive officers especially the SVP/EVP/Chief Risk Officer and advises them on sales strategies, forecasting, and general management issues in order to align the business’s efforts, avoid conflict of interests, and enable the achievement of the business’s overall goals and targets.

  • Collaborates with the financial department in determining the sales department’s budget as well as appropriate internal budgetary allocations.

  • Works with the human resources department in order to determine the criteria for recruiting key personnel in the sales department in order to guarantee high performance within the department.


  • Experience – 15 - 20 years’ core sales experience

  • Strong analytical skills

  • PG – MBA any specialization

Other Requirements:

Other Duties:

  • Performs other duties, as he deems necessary for the smooth performance of his duties or duties as delegated by the Employer.

  • Demonstrates knowledge of and adherence Company values; shows respect and sensitivity for cultural differences; educates others on the value of diversity; promotes working environment free of harassment of any type; builds a diverse workforce and supports affirmative action.

  • Fluent in Kannada, Tamil, and other south Indian languages is preferred other than English and Hindi.

  • Treats people with respect; keeps commitments; inspires the trust of others; works ethically and with integrity; upholds organizational values; accepts responsibility for own actions.

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