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Tips for working from home

Tips for working from home

Now that we have been working from home for a while, most of us have developed some sort of system about where we work, when and how. But some are still struggling with space issues, and others with the many distractions that being home presents. But there are a few ground rules that you can set to make your work-from-home experience more efficient and easier to manage.


One struggle that many of us are facing with the switch to WFH is staying motivated and on track for work. Before the pandemic hit, getting ready for work each morning and commuting to the office would mentally prepare you for the workday. With the disruption of that routine, it’s up to you to find structure and routine to keep yourself going. Follow the same routine of waking up and getting ready for work that you would if you were going to the office, before starting work. Make a task list and set yourself realistic goals to get things done.

Set your timelines

Another factor to keep in mind is timings. While you might have taken work home once in a while, by and large, the office timing defined when you worked and when you relaxed, did chores or spent time with family. But without those boundaries, it’s easy to lose track of time and keep working past your work hours, or even lse time in the middle of your workday. Time yourself as you would at the office, and make sure that your work-life balance doesn’t suffer.

Find your space

Offices are designed to be the perfect environment for work and work-related interactions, but your home is not. Most of us don’t have a home office, or even a separate space you can use as a workspace. You might be negotiating space and boundaries with other family members, who also need a quiet, comfortable space for work or online classes. It’s important to find your nook, where you can work in peace, take video calls and focus without distractions.

Get face time

As Team Kinara already knows, working with teams across geographies is possible, but can be challenging. But it’s crucial to keep up team meetings and gatherings to stay connected with your colleagues. This will help keep channels of communication open, and make it easy to collaborate on projects. Find time to get on a video call with your colleagues to discuss projects, or even just catch up to keep up the team spirit.

Take breaks

At the office, going to get a coffee or just strolling over to a colleague for a quick chat provides welcome breaks during the workday. Not only does it help you decompress, it is also good for you to stretch your limbs and maybe even get some fresh air. In the absence of this option, make sure to take small breaks and give your eyes a break from staring at the screen. You’ll come back refreshed.

We hope these tips help you settle into working from home, and stay happy and productive.

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