Customer Testimonials

Kinara makes a positive impact on the lives of small entrepreneurs. It empowers these battlers by providing them capital when nobody else will. This makes all the difference between success and failure. A few customers describe the impact of Kinara Capital on their enterprises and their lives. These are their brief stories

Kinara Capital enables Taurus Engineers

Rameswar talks about how Kinara Capital helps them expand their operations

Kinara Capital empowers VSR Engineering

Ravi describes how Kinara Capital helped them expand their business

Kinara Capital jumpstarts Classic PET

Sheela describes how Kinara Capital provided them loans when nobody else would!

Kinara enables NHB industries

Ashok talks about the benefits of a elationship with KInara Capital

Kinara improves profitability for Manjunatha Hydro Flexibles

Sakthivel talks about the advantages of their association with Kinara Capital

Kinara Capital energizes Adithya Heating Systems

Mahadevan explains how Kinara Capital enabled them to expand their Revenues

Kinara Capital empowers Super Precisions

Muniraju describes how Kinara Capital helped them double their revenue

Kinara Capital encourages Prakara Automobiles

Karthick describes how Kinara Capital is crucial to their working capital requirements